BRLBristol Robotics Lab

WhiskEye: the robot rat that sees and whisks


Sheffield-Robotics-RetinaSheffield Robotics/Sheffield University

Cyberselves: Exploring the world of humanoid social robots

GlasgowGlasgow University

Investigating the human brain’s predictive power at multiple scales – from single synapses to whole brains

amsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam

SP3 General Stand

humboltHumboldt University, Berlin

Neuromorphic chips, smart vision, and real-world behavioral neuroscience

UniOfManchesterLogo.svgHeidelberg-UniversityUniversity of Manchester /University of Heidelberg

Computers like Brains – How brain science can guide the design of novel computers

TechnicalUniMunichTechnical University of Munich

The Neurorobotics Platform: virtual training for future robotics



King’s College London

Accompanying responsible technological innovation


cqrConsequential Robotics Ltd

MiRo: A robot that thinks like an animal

Eodyne_logo_BLACKEodyne Ltd

The Rehabilitation Gaming System: Grounding Virtual Reality stroke rehabilitation in brain theory


Minimal, mobile, accurate brain activity monitoring plus treatment optimization technology


Brains on BoardBoB Logo Final


Designing autonomous flying robots with navigational and learning abilities of a honeybee.


More to be announced.


A limited number of exhibition places are available for companies, research groups, and organisations working in brain science and neurotechnology.  If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Louise Caffrey (l.caffrey@sheffield.ac.uk). An existing relationship with the Human Brain Project is not required.